Nova Coat

I was trying to think of when I first made plans to sew the Nova Coat and checking my records, it looks like I purchased the pattern in May last year. Soon after getting the pattern, I enthusiastically went to Potter and Co. to buy my fabric. I was all set to sew until a sewing friend asked me how I was going to prepare my precious wool fabric. Yikes. I lost my nerve and now, 17 months later have finally decided to give it a go.

So, it turns out that preparing the fabric was not such a big deal after all. If I had just read page 12 of the pattern instructions, I would have seen that Katie tells us how to prepare the fabrics. If it’s dry-cleaned only fabric, don’t wash it. If it’s something that can be washed, wash it first. I’m not sure if it was fog brain from Covid or momentary lapse of common sense but I washed my dry-cleaned only wool fabric and it shrunk. Luckily, it remained soft, and I had remembered to use wool wash, but I nearly cried when I pulled it out of the machine and was wondering what possessed me to do the unthinkable? So, to make up for the shortfall in fabric, I bought a meter of the plaid. My coat is made from a luscious white wool blend and a soft neutral coloured plaid fabric. There have been many examples of colour blocking and mixing fabrics in the making of this coat. 

Due to delay in starting the project, I had time to stalk the pattern on social media. I found that most people had recommended sizing down the coat. Sometimes there was a recommendation to size down as much as two sizes. My sizing would normally sit in the Size 4 range. I wanted the oversized look and most importantly, a roomy jacket that could easily go over a chunky knit sweater. I find ready to wear coats never comfortably accommodate bulky winter wear. With this in mind, I only sized down to a Size 3 and am very happy with the fit. If you’re undecided, have a look at the “Finished Garment” sizing including the sleeve length as this will give you a better idea.

Sewing the coat took less time than what I thought it would. I genuinely love the drafting and the construction of the coat. I was a little stuck at step eight but I think I misunderstood the picture in the instructions. Also, my instructions steps were numbered differently to the sew-along steps (it doesn’t take much to confuse me). 

Attaching the liner was easier than I thought it would be. The instructions are so clear. My lining fabric is a mid-weight cotton in a bright pink burst of micro floral pattern. Most jackets have a slippery lining, I could have used satin or something similar, but this fabric caught my eye, and I wanted something cheerful and bright on the inside. It’s been such fun to watch people reaction when I reveal the bright lining!

This is a big tick off my “Make Nine” list. It’s being used at the moment, and I can’t wait to wear it a lot more next winter. I might even attempt the jacket version of the pattern!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

X Em

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